Phishing simulation

Improve your employees' resilience against phishing
with our phishing simulation solutions

Phishing is still the largest digital threat to organisations. Are your employees able to recognise phishing and deal with the threat? Test it on a regular basis with our phishing simulations and make them aware of the risks and resilient against phishing.


Did you know that phishing drives 90% of all succesful cyber security breaches? One moment of inattention is sufficient for an error to occur. Phishing emails can often not be distinguished anymore from legitimate emails an by no means do criminals limit themselves to email alone.


Consequences will often be large. Think of ransomware or data breaches. Not to mention the financial and reputational damage. 

How does phishing simulation work?

Our phishing simulation solutions comes in two varieties. With managed phishing, we take care of everything for you; with self-service phishing, you keep full control over the phishing simulations.

Self-service phishing

Do you prefer to be in control? Then choose our self-service tooling. You will get access to our online platform, from which you can send unlimited phishing simulations to your employees. Choose from our ready-made templates or create your own phishing emails. Schedule the simulations and track clickthroughs and results live!

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Managed phishing

Our full-service phishing service. In our Premium licence, we take care of everything. From sending to reporting. You choose the email(s) and we will do the rest. Choose from a wide selection of our existing and multilingual phishing templates. Do you prefer a customised email? We will coordinate this completely with you.

What can employees expect?

At a time to be determined, employees will receive an email with a secure ‘infected’ link. All our phishing emails contain phishing characteristics. Will they click on it or leave login credentials? If so, you will end up on a landing page with feedback and tips on how phishing can be identified. A phishing simulation therefore also serves as a lesson in awareness.

SMS phishing simulation

Criminals no longer limit themselves to e-mail alone, but also use SMS and various chat services. Raise awareness among your employees by opting for an SMS phishing simulation. Use our standard template or opt for a customised SMS.


Our SMS phishing simulation is only available as a managed service, where we perform the simulation for you.

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