Security awareness baseline audit

Insight into level of awareness and focus areas for the future

Is your organisation at the starting point of a security awareness trajectory and you want insight into the level of awareness and the clicking behaviour of employees? A baseline audit is required in that case to identify security risks.


The baseline audit consists of an carefully constructed online questionnaire. It will provide focus areas for a follow-up programme and will also be a good starting point for measuring the level of security after a training programme has been completed. 

What can employees expect?

Participants will receive an invitation for an online questionnaire. Completing this questionnaire is completely anonymous to prevent socially desirable answers and will take approximately 10 minutes. The questionnaire includes questions about security-related topics, looks at the organisation’s policy, and determines whether the topic is relevant to employees. 


The results will be reported extensively. The report focuses on issues that require extra attention concerning information security, privacy and security awareness. The baseline audit is an easy way to mobilise support from the board of directors.

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