Security awareness

Security awareness. Aware employees as the best defence against digital threats.

From awareness to a security culture in which working digitally secure and information-aware becomes a standard. In a fun, accessible and ongoing way. We'd love to help you with that!

Security awareness is more important than ever in today's digital world. Awaretrain creates awareness and behavioural change in the field of information security, cybersecurity, and privacy. With our expertise, we ensure that your employees become the strongest link in information security, creating a (cyber)secure work culture.

A balance between people, policy, and technology

Good information security is only possible if policy and technology are in order and people act in an appropriate manner. Yet, most information incidents are still caused by your own employees.

Clicking on phishing emails and unintentionally sharing information with unauthorised people are common pitfalls. We understand that organisations struggle with employee engagement on information security and cybersecurity. Therefore, we focus on making employees aware of the crucial role they play.

From project to process: security awareness as a continuous process

At Awaretrain, we believe that security awareness is not a project, but a continuous process. Our security awareness programmes will continuously develop security awareness. Our online platform for security awareness training and phishing the basis for a successful and continuous programme. We identify vulnerabilities and offer solutions to tackle these vulnerabilities.

Our approach is low-threshold and aimed at maximising employee engagement. We share practical tips and guidelines that employees can apply in their daily work. By continuously investing in security awareness, you increase your organisation's resilience against digital threats.

Our security awareness tools: Invest in knowledge transfer and increase your organisation's resilience

In our platform, you keep control to create security awareness programmes that perfectly fit your organisation’s needs. In our training courses, we take into account the specific needs and challenges your employees face. Our training courses are informative, relevant, and engaging. It makes employees feel engaged and motivated to improve their information security knowledge and skills.

Choose Awaretrain and protect your organisation with aware employees

Choose Awaretrain and protect your organisation with aware employees. Together, we will create a security-minded work culture where digital threats are effectively addressed. Contact us today and find out how we can support you in raising security awareness within your organisation.

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Security awareness: from project to process

Our products provide you with ongoing security awareness. Take a look at our add-on security awareness tools and complete your awareness programme.