Security awareness

Security awareness. Your employees as the best defence against digital threats

From security awareness to a digitally safe working environment in which handling information consciously becomes a standard. In a fun, easily accessible and comprehensive way. That is our aim at Awaretrain. 

Your employees as the strongest link

Security awareness is more important than ever! We create awareness and behavioural change in the field of information security, cyber security and privacy. We test the behaviour of employees, give insight into your current security level and train your employees. In doing so, we make your employees the strongest link in information security and create a (cyber) safe working environment.

Balance between people, policy and technology

It is a well-known fact that good information security is only possible if policy and technology are in order and people act in an appropriate manner. Often though, people still appear to be the weakest link. They tend to click on links in phishing mails or they share information with unauthorised persons either consciously or unconsciously. Organisations often struggle with employees’ engagement in the field of information security and privacy, resulting in employees not being aware of the important role they play in this area.

From project to process

Security awareness is not a project, but a process. Our security awareness programmes will continuously develop security awareness. We identify vulnerabilities and offer guidelines to tackle these vulnerabilities. We do this in an easily accessible way to maximise engagement among employees.

Our security awareness tools

Our extensive portfolio always offers a suitable method of learning and simulation that fits the size and needs of your organisation. Our online security awareness phishing and training platform forms the basis of a successful programme.

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Security awareness: from project to process

Our products provide you with ongoing security awareness. Take a look at our add-on security awareness tools and complete your awareness programme.