Product overview

Security awareness is not a project, but a process

In order to establish a durable change in behaviour, you need to continuously develop security awareness. Take a look at our product portfolio. There is always a suitable method of learning and simulation available that is appropriate for the size and needs of your organisation.


Get to know our security awareness training and phishing platform

The perfect tool to raise employees’ security awareness to the next level. Easily put together training programmes by using more than 40 training modules, games and knowledge tests about information security, cyber security, privacy, and the GDPR. 

Keep your employees alert and send out your own phishing simulations. Choose from a wide selection of ready-to-use templates and landing pages or create them yourself using the phishing creator.

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More than 40 short and interactive modules

Create your own training programmes

Content available in 8 languages

Manage users yourself

6 new modules per year guaranteed

Live insight into progress and results

Use your own house style

SSO option

NEW: Send out phishing simulations yourself

Made and hosted in The Netherlands

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